Celestial Dragons House


Taiwan’s high housing prices are among the top ten in the world, especially the housing price to income ratio has been among the top three in the world. TSUEI MA MA Foundation is an NGO group aimed at residence justice in Taiwan. Research on housing price issues found that after building houses, builders would hoard properties in the period of economic downturn and raise prices when the economy improves, which has led to a high vacancy rate in Taiwan. And the high housing prices far exceed the price that ordinary people can afford. How to urge the public and the government to put forward effective measures for the serious problems of hoarder houses that causes housing purchases issues, declining birth rates and marriage rates, and high housing prices is a significant subject. Strategy: Builders sell houses through housing agencies, and the housing market is booming. Housing agencies own nearly 5,000 branches in Taipei City. However, the prices of houses sold by housing companies far exceed people’s affordability. An imitative house agency is set up to build a bridge of communication among the public and the policy makers, raising their attention to push forward policies that require the builder to release the houses after the completion of the projects, instead of hoarding them.


The irony presented by the imitative housing agency offered the public a better understanding of the problems of the housing market. We collected the negative experiences of people buying and renting houses, transformed them into posters, and held promotional lectures in the agency. Inviting politicians to serve as one-day managers provided a chance to pay thorough attention to the practical problems of hoarder houses , as well as become a bridge of communication among the public and the policy makers.


The agency located in the second section of Roosevelt Road and near the MRT Taipower Building Station started running at the beginning of January. Within a month, eleven lectures attending to residence justice were given both offline and online. In the closing ceremony, cross-party legislators establish Ours 2.0 in front of the Legislative Yuan. The league was keen on pursuing a pass of House and Land Transactions Income Tax and vacant house tax in April and May respectively.

Plan by Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation, Organization of Urban Re-s, Ken-tsai lee design Lab
Creaive director by ken-tsai lee
graphic design by Du Hao-wei
Film by Brandon Wang
fundraising video by Zong-Yi Xie