I Want a Home – Marriage equality

In 2016, when the issue of same-sex marriage began to be discussed in Taiwanese society, many people were surprised by the rapid proposal of a same-sex marriage bill. Despite Taiwan having hosted the largest LGBTQ+ pride parade in Asia for over a decade, the acceptance of LGBTQ+ issues had been increasing. However, when the bill was officially introduced, both the support and opposition grew stronger, leading to increased conflicts and polarization in society.

Both sides planned street marches to showcase their respective levels of support. It became evident that the long-standing practice of not openly discussing minority sexual issues implied silent acceptance by the majority. The intense debates on social media highlighted the lack of genuine engagement between the two sides.

In reality, everyone is the same—same appearance, age, and profession. This should be the starting point for understanding one another. For LGBTQ+ individuals, coming out means stepping out of the closet, and outdoor media provides no room for avoiding public scrutiny. Understanding the willingness of the LGBTQ+ community to participate, urgent contact was made with volunteer photographers and outdoor billboard companies. Ultimately, on the day before the anti-marriage equality parade, billboards were displayed at several key intersections, showcasing the faces of LGBTQ+ individuals. The bill was later passed in 2019, and two of the models featured on the billboards eventually tied the knot in marriage.

Creative, design by Ken-Tsai Lee
People Photography by Andrew Kan