About Ken-Tsai Lee

Ken-tsai Lee is an associate professor at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s Department of Design and also serves as the head of the Ken-tsai Lee design Laboratory. His expertise spans multiple fields, including design, education, curation, and interdisciplinary contemporary art. He focuses on experimental and creative approaches, emphasizing the integration of teaching and practical application, and draws inspiration from the spirit of interdisciplinary exploration.

Ken-tsai Lee is committed to expanding the boundaries of the design field. He seeks to redefine design as not merely superficially related to themes but advocates for the creation of a harmonious coexistence of internal and external aspects. He is skilled at using creativity to address societal issues and demonstrates a keen insight into social matters.

In the international design community, Ken-tsai Lee is highly active and has been invited to participate in various international design festivals and events. He has given lectures at renowned events and universities such as the Type Directors Club in New York, One Club, Latin American Design Festival in Peru, TypoJaichi in Seoul, South Korea, Agideas in Melbourne, Australia, and Ideec in San Jose, USA, as well as Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, Osaka University of Arts in Osaka, Japan, and Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. His solo exhibitions have been held in various countries, including France (Nantes), the USA (New York), China (Hangzhou and Nanjing), and Taiwan.

Ken-tsai Lee has garnered widespread attention and media interviews internationally. His design philosophy has been featured in platforms such as the World Creative Leaders section on D&AD’s official website, UNESCO’s Arts and Society website, One Club, Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, IDN Magazine, Etape Magazine in France, Desktop Magazine in Australia, Design and Art Magazine in China, Design 360 Magazine, New Graphic Magazine, Page Magazine in Germany, How Magazine in the USA, Step inside Magazine, and Cutout Magazine in Malaysia.

Additionally, he has been invited to serve as a judge for numerous design competitions covering various categories, including graphic design, typography design, advertising creativity, and contemporary art. These competitions include D&AD in the UK, IF Awards in Germany, Communication Arts in the USA, the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards in Australia, the New York Advertising Awards, and he has also served as the chairman of the judging panel for the London International Chinese Creative Awards in the design category, as well as the Taiwan Annual.




在國際設計界,李根在非常活躍,獲邀參加多個國際設計節和活動。他曾在Type directors Club紐約、One Club、拉丁美洲設計節(秘魯)、TypoJaichi(首爾,韓國)、Agideas(墨爾本,澳洲)和Ideec(聖荷西,美國)等等著名活動或大學如包浩斯大學(威瑪,德國),大阪藝術大學(大阪,日本)、國民大學(首爾,韓國)中發表演講。他的個展曾受邀在不同國家舉辦,包括法國南特、美國紐約、中國杭州和南京,以及台灣等地。

李根在國際上受到了廣泛關注和媒體專訪。他的設計哲學在D&AD官網的世界創意領導者專欄、聯合國教科文組織藝術與社會網站,One Club、Type Directors Club、Communication Arts、IDN Magazine、法國Etape Magazine、澳洲Desktop Magazine、中國Design and Art Magazine、Design 360 Magazine、New Graphic雜誌、德國Page雜誌、美國How Magazine、 Step inside Magazine以及馬來西亞Cutout Magazine等平台上均有展示。

此外,他受邀擔任多個設計競賽的評審,涵蓋平面設計、字體設計、廣告創意和當代藝術等多個類別。這些競賽包括英國的D&AD、德國的IF Awards、美國的Communication Arts、澳洲維多利亞總理大臣獎、紐約廣告獎,並且擔任倫敦華文創意獎設計類評審團主席,以及台灣當代ㄧ年展等。