Taiwan’s economic growth has stagnated for two decades and college graduates entering society receive a lesser wage compared to 20 years ago;however, housing prices continue exponential growth resulting in the youngergeneration having to not eat or drink for 15 years to be able to afford a house.

The housing price to income ratio here is the highest in the world.
Construction companies often use outdoor advertisements to promote theirnewly completed development projects. These ads mostly convey the beauty ofhomes and convey a single-minded message. This piece is the collaboration of anoutdoor media agency that work with construction companies and uses theInternet to convert the public’s desire of owning a home into sentences. Thisconverts the media’s right of speech into renters so their voice can be heard.

When the words are published on outdoor media and have received widespreadmedia and public attention, the second wave of sentences in the ads will focus on the issue of rental discrimination. Many landlords are unwilling to rent to senior tenants, or refuse to rent to single middle-aged people believing that those above the age of 40 who do not own a home have problems. Other landlords who only rent to women and not men is another issue reflected in society.

Creative by Ken-Tsai Lee