Taichung applies the name of world design capital 2022

Taichung City is Taiwan's second-largest city, and the government aims to compete for the title of World Design Capital in 2022. The design strategy involves leveraging four secondary cities from other Asian countries to counter major Asian metropolises in the competition.
"Design for People" - the idea proposed by the Mayor of Taichung City for bidding as the Design Capital. Through design, the city aims to connect its citizens with the government, Taichung with Taiwan, and Taiwan with the world. It also seeks to foster connections with other Asian cities to jointly vie for the title of Design Capital. One of Taichung's most iconic landmarks is the Luce Memorial Chapel, designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, located within Tunghai University. The chapel's architecture resembles a praying hand, which interestingly resembles the Chinese character "人" (ren), meaning "human." Through the association between people and the chapel's form, the concept creatively links four different human figures to demonstrate Taichung's joint efforts with other cities in seeking the title of Design Capital.

Design by Ken-Tsai Lee
Client/台中市政府[Taichung City Government]

Taichung is the second biggest city of Taiwan, it’s going to apply the name of World of Design Capital 2022,the government announced the plan in March of 2018.
The design is people-oriented and is an important tool for connecting the citizens and the government in Taiwan and Taiwan and the international community.
Therefore, through the “people” and “connection” two keywords are used as the design elements. The Luce Chapel church is very important archecture which designed by IM Pei and Chen Chi-kwan. The architectural style is similar to “people” in Chinese character, and is interpreted by the continuous sharp like link concept.