Visual identity of Taiwan Designers’ week 2015

Taiwan Designers’ Week is one of the largest design events in Taiwan, featuring different themes each year to showcase observations on current Taiwan and global design trends.

In 2015, the theme was “Exploration.”

Under the ingenuity of designers, exploration is seen as a process, a preposition, something not yet fully known, with many potential unknown outcomes. The emotions it evokes during the process are anxiety, uncertainty, excitement, experimentation, and trying new things. The visual identity of the event reflects this theme.

The uneasy geometric shapes reflect the nature of the theme. Just like an adventurous exploration in a cave, not knowing what uncertainties might emerge and happen deep inside, the uneasy geometric shapes are versatile and can be applied to various event projects. At the entrance of the exhibition, it sets the scene as if embarking on an adventurous journey into a cave.

Design by ken-tsai lee